Perfectly spiced and browned fried rice with your option below topped with green onions in a small or large portion. 

Pork or Chicken - sm $5.39 lg $7.99
Beef or Shrimp - sm $5.49 lg $8.19
Crab - sm $5.09 lg $7.89
Combination (all meats, no crab) - sm $5.59 lg $8.19
Plain - sm $3.99 lg $5.99
Vegetable - sm $5.09 lg $6.99


All entrees come with rice. 

Chop Suey (Beef, Chicken or Shrimp) - sm $5.19 lg $7.89

Chinese cabbage, carrot, celery, onion stir fried in a hoisin based gravy. 

Beef on Rice - sm $5.49 lg $8.09

Beef and onions smothered in a Hoisin based gravy.

Broccoli Stir Fry - sm $5.49 lg $8.19

Your choice of meat combined with tender stems of broccoli in a Hoisin based sauce. 

Pepper Steak - sm $5.49 lg $8.19
A trio of bell peppers, onions and beef in a hoisin based sauce. 

Shrimp with Lobster Sauce - lg $8.39 (only)
A chinese black bean based gravy with jumbo shrimp, egg and minced chicken. 


Eggroll - 1/$1.25  2/$2.25

Crispy rolls filled with chicken, cabbage and carrots. 

Veggie Spring Rolls - $3.60

5 pieces of crunchy fried rolls filled carrots, cabbage and vermicelli rice noodles. 

Crab Rangoon - $3.85

House made crispy fried wonton skins packed with cream cheese and crab meat. 


prices subject to change and tax not included

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